11:10 / 05.12.2023

Tuition fee payment period for first-year students extended

The term of tuition fee payment has been extended for the first-year students enrolled in undergraduate and master’s programs.

Photo: Kun.uz

The deadline for payment of tuition fees for the first-year and those recommended to transfer studies has been extended until December 25, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation reported.

According to the relevant statement of the State Commission, in the academic year 2023/2024, the deadline for tuition fee payment for bachelor’s and master’s degrees of higher education institutions, including the tuition fees for the study of students whose studies have been transferred and restored on the basis of a differentiated tuition fee, as well formalization of admission to the ranks of students has been as December 25, 2023 (including the same day).

Note: according to the current regulations, the term of tuition fee payment of the second-year and higher-level students can be extended by the order of the rectors.

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