BUSINESS | 16:26 / 16.12.2023
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Lithuanian company invests in fertilizer production in Uzbekistan

The Lithuanian company UHB Group acquired a 47% stake in the Samarkand-NPK plant with an obligation to increase the share to 85% next year.


The Samarkand-NPK plant was commissioned in 2016 on the basis of Samarkandkimyo JSC (Samarkand Chemical Plant). It is designed for the production of nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. The production capacity of the plant is 240 thousand tons of NPK fertilizers per year, which is 2 times higher than the production capacity of the UHB Group.

UHB Group was founded in 2003. The group includes UHB Agro (production of fertilizers, wholesale of grain with an annual turnover of 115.6 million euros), UHB Food (wholesale trade of food products - nuts, dried fruits, cereals with an annual turnover of 11 million euros), UHB Service (logistics, export-import operations, warehouses, calibration, packaging and others with an annual turnover of 58 million euros), UHB Chemicals (trade of chemical products with an annual turnover of 20 million euros).

The annual turnover of the company as a whole exceeds 200 million euros.

The predominant share of the group's turnover is the production and sale of fertilizers and chemicals. The company notes that this is the most important part of the UHB group’s business, which will grow even more with the acquisition of a plant in Uzbekistan.

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