POLITICS | 12:45 / 23.12.2023
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Cinema Park FEZ to be established in Tashkent region

Free economic cinema zones will also be established in Bukhara and Samarkand regions. At the meeting of the Republican Council of Spirituality and Enlightenment held under the chairmanship of the President, the officials were instructed to develop relevant proposals.

Photo: Presidential press service

It was emphasized that the national TV series should be brought to the level of ideological, artistic and technical attractiveness that everyone would be interested in watching.

For this purpose, “Concept of producing national TV series” will be developed. In it, first of all, special attention is paid to the creation of modern conditions for local creators, in particular, performing artists, playwrights and directors.

For this purpose, it was pointed out that a free economic zone (FEZ) – Cinema Park should be established.

The Cabinet of Ministers was instructed to submit a proposal for the allocation of 50 hectares of land in Tashkent region on the basis of public-private partnership for the Cinema Park.

Governors of Bukhara, Samarkand, and Tashkent regions were instructed to start projects on establishing “free economic cinema zones” in their regions.

It was pointed out that it is necessary to consider the creation of multi-part animated films about the exemplary life path of the great ancestors.

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