BUSINESS | 14:55 / 28.08.2023
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Plant producing nitrogen fertilizers to be established in "Karakul" FEZ

The chemical complex, estimated at $600 million, is planned to be built in a little over two years.

Photo: Singkham

It is planned to build a plant for the production of nitrogen fertilizers Karakulkimyo in the Bukhara region, UzA reports

The chemical complex will be located on the territory of the "Karakul" FEZ. Investment company Ferkensco Mnagement Ltd. was allocated a plot of 50 hectares on the territory of the zone for implementing the project.

Enter Engineering will act as a partner and general contractor for the construction. The design work will be carried out by the Swiss Casale SA, which will also provide a license for its own production technology.

The development of Casale makes it possible to reduce the operating costs of gas for ammonia production, Timur Jurayev, head of the Uzbek representative office of Ferkensco Management, said. In addition, it has a lower amount of harmful atmospheric emissions.

Karakulkimyo will be able to produce up to 495 thousand tons of ammonia per year. Its further synthesis with carbon dioxide will also be set up here, which will make it possible to obtain up to 594 thousand tons of carbamide granules.

It is planned to install 364 pieces of equipment at the future plant. After launch, they will be served by over 500 people.

The Karakulkimyo project is estimated at $600 million. The start of construction work is scheduled for the 4th quarter of this year, and commissioning should take place in January 2026.

"Karakul" FEZ was established in Karakul and Alat districts of the Bukhara region in July 2022. Its flagship project should be Saneg's gas chemical complex for processing natural gas into methanol and olefins (MTO).

A cluster for the production of polypropylene, low-density polyethylene and other polymers will appear around it. The complex will produce up to 730 thousand tons of polymer products per year.

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