13:45 / 06.02.2024

UK planning to import 10,000 tons mung beans from Uzbekistan

The British company AGT Poortman, renowned for its specialization in legume products, has expressed readiness to purchase mung beans from Uzbekistan. This was disclosed during a meeting between the chief consultant of the company, James Halford, and representatives at the Uzbekistan Embassy in London.

Photo: Dunyo news agency

AGT Poortman, with a history of 30 years in the UK market and an impressive annual turnover of $2 billion, engages with 16 countries in importing various legume products and runs 45 production facilities worldwide.

Based on a marketing study conducted by AGT Poortman, James Halford acknowledged the competitive quality of leguminous produce from Uzbekistan on the British market. He indicated the company's willingness to import 10,000 tons of mung beans and to initiate discussions with the State Inspection for Plants Quarantine to further explore this opportunity.

This development marks a potential boost for Uzbekistan's agricultural exports and a sign of strengthened trade ties between the two nations. If realized, this deal would not only diversify the UK's import sources but also reinforce Uzbekistan's position as a competitive supplier in the global legume market.

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