12:15 / 08.02.2024

Aeroflot flight from Tashkent to Moscow delayed due to technical reasons

An Aeroflot flight from Tashkent to Moscow has been postponed for an indefinite period due to technical reasons, causing significant delays for passengers awaiting departure. Uzbekistan Airports announced that the delay had extended beyond six hours, leaving travelers uncertain about their anticipated flight time.

Photo: Uzbekistan Airports

The flight SU1871 was originally scheduled to depart at 03:45 Tashkent time on February 8. However, unexpected technical issues have pushed the take-off to an undetermined future time slot, leaving passengers and airport staff awaiting further updates.

As the delay of the Aeroflot-operated flight surpasses the six-hour mark, Uzbekistan Airports has informed the affected individuals. In light of the prolonged wait, the airline has arranged accommodation for the passengers at a local hotel, as part of their customer service protocol in situations of extensive delays.

Travelers booked on the delayed flight are reminded that they can access the latest schedule changes and updates directly from the carrier, as well as through the official website and mobile application of Uzbekistan Airports, ensuring they stay informed about their travel itinerary.

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