16:51 / 02.03.2024

Inflation rate for February announced, annual inflation slowed down to 8.35%

In February 2024, in the last eight years, a record low inflation rate of 0.32% was recorded in Uzbekistan, the Statistics Agency under the president reported.

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This is the lowest rate since at least 2016 (February 2016 – 0.8%, 2017 – 1.4%, 2018 – 1.1%, 2019 – 1.6%, 2020 – 0.84%, 2021 – 0.64%, 2022 – 0.51%, 2023 – 0.54%).

Annualized inflation (in February 2023) slowed to 8.35%, the lowest since June 2016.

In February, the price of food products increased by 0.2%, non-food products by 0.2%, and the price of paid services by 0.7%.

According to the Statistics Agency, the price of almost all basic types of goods decreased. In particular, the price of eggs decreased by 1.9%, sunflower oil by 1.1%, sugar and flour by 0.7%, beef and mutton by 0.4%, and rice by 0.2%. The price of milk increased by 0.2%.

At the same time, the annual price of milk increased by 12.2%, eggs by 11.6%, sugar by 10.1%, and rice by 31.3%.

In the last month, among fruit and vegetable products, the price of cucumber increased by 12.3%, bell pepper by 11.7%, eggplant by 6.1%, tomato by 5.9%, and garlic by 4%.

Potatoes fell by 0.9%, onions by 1.1%, carrots by 1.8%, cabbage by 3.1%, bananas by 9.2%.

In February, the price of alcoholic beverages increased by 0.9%, tobacco products by 1%.

Last month, an increase in tariffs for cold water and sewerage was noted in the Tashkent region, and this was reflected in a 1.5% increase in general prices across the republic. The fee for the removal of household waste in February 2024 increased by an average of 9.4% across the country (29.2% in January and February).

On average, large household appliances rose in price by 1%, and kitchen appliances by 2.8%.

Medical masks and gloves became cheaper by 3.2%, while antibiotics became more expensive by 12.7% (in January this figure was +1.3%).

According to the statistics agency, in February propane increased by 1.4% (15.7%), gasoline price – 1.1% (in January – 1.2-6.4%, during the year – 23.3%), but only UNG Petro increased prices by 2.9% to 7,000 soums, the price of methane did not change (+20.5% during the year).

During the month, the price of air and railway tickets decreased by 0.3% and 1.5%, which is related to the volatility of the national currency.

Since February, fees in private kindergartens included in the sample price survey in Jizzakh, Samarkand, Surkhandarya regions and Tashkent city have increased by 1.6%-10.1%.

The increase in prices of catering establishments was between 0.3% and 0.4%.

Money transfer services through banks increased in price by 0.7%.

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