11:58 / 08.04.2024

31-year-old woman in labor died in Tashkent regional hospital along with her unborn child

The Ministry of Health commented on this incident.

Photo: UzNews.uz

Earlier, a video circulated on social networks showing a quarrel between the relatives of a woman in labor and doctors at the moment when the body of a pregnant woman was taken to the morgue.

The Ministry of Health reported that on April 3 at approximately 02:45, a 31-year-old woman, 39 weeks pregnant, was admitted to the Akhangaran city medical association with complaints of abdominal and back pain.

The next day, April 4, at approximately 14:10, the mother’s condition suddenly worsened. Resuscitation measures were carried out. But, despite the medical assistance provided to her, the woman died. Doctors recorded biological death at 14:35.

As the mother-in-law of the deceased told UzNews.uz, at 13:30 during the telephone conversation the pregnant woman felt well. At 14:00, the husband of the deceased, worried, looked out the window of the delivery room and saw his dead wife, while there was no one in the room at that moment. The deceased left behind two children.

According to the preliminary conclusion of the forensic medical examination, the cause of death of the woman in labor was coronary heart disease, acute coronary insufficiency, hypertrophy of the heart muscle and acute myocardial infarction. Chronic diseases, as well as grade 3 obesity, also caused complications.

Doctors also failed to save the child. A diagnosis of intrauterine fetal asphyxia was made. Antenatal fetal death was registered.

A pre-investigation check is being carried out on this fact.