19:54 / 15.04.2024

Mingyuan Silu Industry plans to build a $1 billion technopark in Zaamin

Turkish company Esan aims to invest $120 million in the development of the Uchkulach deposit.

As it was previously reported, 50 investment projects totaling $6.1 billion are planned to be implemented in the Jizzakh region. The project to construct a plant for Chinese manufacturer BYD in the Jizzakh Special Economic Zone is estimated at $160 million.

Chinese company Mingyuan Silu Industry intends to build an industrial technopark for $1 billion in the Zaamin district of the Jizzakh region, Spot writes with reference to a project presentation which was reviewed by the president on April 8.

Another Mingyuan Silu Industry project involves the expansion of annual glass production and sanitary products to 8 million square meters in Jizzakh. The project is estimated at $150 million, of which $35 million will be invested this year. It will also create 500 jobs, with budget revenues expected to be 14 billion UZS.

Turkish company Esan Eczacibasi will carry out geological exploration and develop the Uchkulach deposit in the Farish district.

The investment in the project is estimated at $120 million, with a production volume of 1 million tons per year. The project will create 300 new jobs, with $30 million planned to be utilized this year. However, budget revenues are not specified.

In August of last year, MIPT and Esan Eczacibasi signed an agreement on the development project of the Uchkulach deposit. The project's goal is to organize the production of non-ferrous metals by constructing a mining and processing complex and a plant for the processing of lead-containing products.

In the chemical industry, two joint projects with Chinese companies are planned: the production of ceramic tiles, calcined soda, and calcium hydroorthophosphate, and diluted fertilizers for $130 million in the Farish district, and $76 million in the Zarbdar district, respectively.

"The Sharaf Rashidov Textile Complex" will construct a textile product manufacturing factory for $120 million in Jizzakh.

As a result, 700 people are expected to be employed, and up to 16 million tons of products are to be produced annually. Half of the investments will be provided this year, with budget revenue estimated at 12.6 billion UZS.

Additionally, local companies Mirzachul Agroklaster Group and Paxtakor Teks intend to invest $55 million in establishing new production capacities in the Mirzachul and Paxtakor districts of the Jizzakh region.

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