13:11 / 15.04.2024

Uzbek-Indian joint military exercises kick off in Termez

Today, the fifth stage of the joint military exercises “Dustlik” of units of the Ministries of Defense of Uzbekistan and India has started at the Termez military training ground.

Photo: Dunyo news agency

This is the fifth joint military exercise between the two countries, which has been held twice in both countries since 2019.

Unlike previous ones, 60 military personnel of both sides are taking part in this joint event. Air Force specialists also joined representatives of the ground forces.

The exercise focuses on increasing the coordination and cohesion of military units in the joint fight against terrorism and other operations.

The joint military exercises organized in Uzbekistan are widely covered in the Indian media.

In particular, the national TV channel “Doordarshan”, the news agency “Asian News International”, the newspaper “The Economic Times”, the information portal “The Print” and other popular media showed and published reports on the history and significance of the joint military exercises.

The exercises, organized in accordance with the cooperation plan between the defense departments of the two countries, will continue until April 28.