15:08 / 19.04.2024

Barber cuts his client’s hair against his will (video)

The video with the actions of the hairdresser spread on social networks and caused a great resonance. According to the law, his act is a deliberate humiliation of the honor and dignity of a person and entails a fine of up to 13 million 600 thousand soums.

Photo: Frame from the video

A video of a hairdresser spread on social networks, who humiliates the client and cuts his hair against his will. His act caused heated discussions on the social network. It is reported that the incident occurred in the Tashkent district, Tashkent region (Keles village).

The hairdresser accused the client that he did not immediately say that he needed to cut his hair and beard.

“You told me to cut your beard, did I cut? You said to shorten your hair, did I shorten? You said to do refine, so I refined. Why didn’t I say everything at once? I started cutting from top to down, and not vice versa,” the hairdresser told the client. The client apologized in response.

The hairdresser asked the client where he was working. The guy replied that he was working for his grandfather. After that, the hairdresser cut the guy’s hair with a machine strip in the middle of the head.

“What can you do? What will happen now? Whom do you call, your grandmother? Look, you are being filmed, I have everything. Do you complain to prophylactic inspector? Court? The police will come to me? ” the hairdresser said in a conversation with the client.

Are the actions of the hairdresser legal?

Insult, that is, deliberate humiliation of honor and dignity of a person under Article 41 of the Administrative Responsibility Code entails a fine of 20 BCAs (6 million 800 thousand) to 40 BCAs (13 million 600 thousand soums).

The behavior of the hairdresser in relation to the client can be qualified by this article. But this will require a statement by the victim, that is, the client should appeal to the internal affairs bodies.

Also, in accordance with Article 140-2 of the Criminal Code, insulting in a printed or other propagated form, including posted in the media, telecommunications networks or the Internet is punishable by a fine of 200 BCAs (68 million soums) to 400 BCAs (136 million soums) or obligatory public work from 240 to 300 hours or correctional work from one year to two years.

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