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Police officer dies in a MIA hospital after ordinary operation, deceased’s relatives accuse doctors of his death

34-year-old Shukhrat Rustamov, who held the position of chief of staff of the Tashkent district police department, died 4 days after surgery on his leg in the hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Relatives of the deceased believe that the hospital’s medical workers are to be blamed for his death. They are also unhappy with the inaction of the prosecutor’s office investigator investigating the case.

A police officer died at the Ministry of Internal Affairs hospital. The incident occurred on December 25, 2023: captain Shukhrat Rustamov, who underwent surgery on his leg, unexpectedly died in the intensive care unit due to a sharp deterioration in health. He worked as the chief of staff of the Tashkent district police department, Tashkent region.

According to the deceased’s relatives who contacted Kun.uz, he argued with the doctor about signing a list of medications that were allegedly used for him in the hospital.

“My brother was a sportman, participated in various football tournaments and won prizes. He had many achievements.

In the fall of 2023, he suffered a leg injury while participating in a football tournament of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. On December 18, I went to the MIA hospital for leg surgery. On December 20, the operation was performed. He was in good condition and mood. I talked to him the day before my death and he said: come tomorrow, I’ll be discharged, they don’t treat properly here.

On the morning of December 25, they called me from the Bostanlyk district police department and said that my brother was in intensive care and that I should come as soon as possible. My father and I arrived at the hospital around 09:30 in the morning, but at that time my brother was no longer alive.

His roommate said that in the morning his brother became ill, the nurses did not give him first aid, and the doctors on duty were absent. The medical workers were negligent and did not fulfill their professional duties in a timely manner,” the brother of the deceased, Akhmadjon Rustamov, says.

Shukhrat Rustamov’s father Ravshan Rustamov said that doctors tried to force his son to sign a list of medications that were not actually used.

“The day before his death, we talked via videoconferencing. My son said that the nurse brought a list of medications and asked him to sign, but he did not sign because he bought these medications with his own money. Then they also argued with the doctor about this. That is, the medical workers compiled a list of drugs that were not used and wanted to get my son’s signature stating that these drugs were used during treatment.

In addition, when my son became ill, a nurse came, laid him down and splashed water on his face. Is water really first aid? Shukhrat was the only breadwinner, two of his children became orphans,” Ravshan Rustamov says.

Relatives of the deceased reported that the Almazar district prosecutor’s office is investigating his death.

“I asked the investigator to obtain surveillance camera footage from that day in the hospital before the end of the month. The reason is that instead of giving my brother first aid on the spot, he was taken out of the room in a wheelchair. I don’t know where he was taken or what medical care he was given. If there were CCTV footage, everything would become clearer. The investigator said that he would be able to obtain recordings from the cameras even after a year. But now he says that the records were erased, and the doctors fulfilled their official duties. For several days now we have not been able to find the investigator; he does not answer calls and is not on duty. We are unhappy with his inaction,” the brother of the deceased says.

The certificate from the registry office of the Almazar district noted that the cause of death of Shukhrat Rustamov was pulmonary embolism.

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