13:35 / 17.05.2024

SSS officers prevent illegal circulation of four pistols 

Employees of the State Security Service and internal affairs bodies stopped the illegal activities of four persons from Bukhara in Tashkent, the SSS press service reported.

During the investigation that preceded the investigation, it was established that these persons had weapons and ammunition hidden at their place of permanent residence.

During an inspection of the home of one of the suspects, born in 1973, 3 Makarov pistols and 21 cartridges for it, 1 Tulsky-Tokarev pistol and 5 cartridges for it, as well as 1 silencer hidden under the roof were formally seized.

It was established that the owner, together with his accomplices, smuggled these weapons and ammunition out of the Russian Federation.

According to the conclusion of the forensic ballistic examination, the weapon and ammunition are in combat condition and are considered suitable for use.

In addition, 2 sawn-off hunting rifles without the appropriate documents and 6 cartridges for them were seized from the house of one of the accomplices.

A criminal case has been initiated under articles 246 (Smuggling) and 248 (Illegal trafficking in firearms and ammunition) of the Criminal Code, and an investigation is underway.

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