08:59 / 17.05.2024

Tashkent ranked 4th globally in terms of air pollution

On May 17, Tashkent ranks 4th among the world’s major cities in terms of air pollution.

According to the IQAir portal, at 08:15, the concentration of small PM2.5 dispersed particles in the air of Tashkent was 160 μg/m3 – this indicator is classified as “harmful”.

The 1st place in the rating was taken by the city of Delhi in India – the concentration of PM2.5 dispersed particles is 215 μg/m3. Pakistan’s Lahore is on the 2nd place – 188 μg/m3. Congo’s Kinshasa rounded out the top three – 174 µg/m3.

Jakarta (Indonesia), Kathmandu (Nepal), Chengdu (China), Kampala (Uganda), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Hanoi (Vietnam) also took place in the top ten.

According to the WHO, PM2.5 is the most dangerous air pollution indicator for health.