10:33 / 20.05.2024

7 freight cars derailed in Tashkent region 

Uzbekistan Railways JSC commented on this incident and named the reason for what happened.

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According to the press service of Uzbekistan Railways JSC, the incident occurred on May 18 on the access road belonging to “Chirchik Savdo Baraka” LLC in the Tashkent region.

It turned out that at this enterprise, employees of BN Grain and oil group LLC, when receiving cargo from the cars, did not comply with the operating technology of the railway device – the winch (designed for moving railway cars in the loading and unloading areas of rail warehouses and premises).

“When unloading freight cars, employees of the above organization, without observing the necessary equipment, tried to pull the cars using a winch. As a result, the cable broke off the device and the cars began to move,” the report says.

It is noted that workers tried unsuccessfully to stop the movement of cars, but two cars completely derailed, and five more overturned on their sides.

“The cause of the incident was a violation of the operating technology using an additional device – a winch,” the company concluded.

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