16:03 / 20.05.2024

An individual detained in Namangan for selling counterfeit US dollars at half price

He tried to get $1,400 for counterfeit $2,700.

Photo: Frame from the video

According to the Namangan regional DIA, during an operative search carried out in the Pop district, a previously convicted resident of the Shakhrikhan district (Andijan region) was detained with material evidence.

He was caught selling counterfeit dollars at half price. Specifically, he tried to sell counterfeit $2,700 for $1,400.

Afterwards the detainee’s car was inspected. In the presence of witnesses, $100 bills totaling $1,000 were found in the car, as well as $200 in the possession of a citizen.

It is noted that the counterfeit bills taken for verification were produced on a regular machine at a printing plant.

Based on this fact, a criminal case was initiated under Paragraph “a”, Part 2 of Article 176 of the Criminal Code (Manufacture, sale of counterfeit money, excise stamps or securities). The suspect has been detained. An investigation is underway.

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