13:15 / 20.05.2024

Gas leak from a high-pressure natural gas pipeline detected in Tashkent

In the block 19 of Yunusabad district, a gas leak was detected from the high-pressure natural gas pipeline.

Photo: Khududgaz poytakht

According to Khududgaz poytakht, in order to eliminate the situation, on May 20, at 03:40, natural gas supply was temporarily stopped in “Obod”, “Oqtepa”, “Bobodekhkon” mahallas, and on Shifokor Street.

The number of affected consumers:

•  residential consumers – 225 land apartments, 146 apartments in 2 apartment buildings;
•  wholesale consumers – 1;
•  CNG filling stations – 3.

After the repair work is completed, the natural gas supply will be restored. The gas supply branch apologized to consumers for the inconvenience caused.