14:49 / 22.05.2024

Drunk officer quarrels with a civilian in Termez restaurant causing him bodily harm 

During the conflict, an officer of a military unit publicly insulted a citizen and beat him.

A serviceman (whose name is known to the editors) got into a fight with a civilian in a restaurant in the city of Termez and beat him, causing bodily harm, Termez resident Komil Jumayev reported this to Kun.uz.

According to him, on Sunday, May 19, 2024, an officer with the military rank of captain came to the Al-Qasr restaurant in Termez along with about 30 military personnel in civilian clothes. During dinner, the military drank alcoholic beverages.

Then, from the top floor of the restaurant, they began filming the girls celebrating their birthday below. When Komil Jumayev asked them not to film, a conflict arose between them.

After this, the plainclothes servicemen and Komil Jumayev went down to the restaurant courtyard, where the officer hit him and caused bodily harm.

The editors have at their disposal photos and videos provided by the victims. They filmed an officer smoking a cigarette in a public place, insulting and beating a civilian.

The injured citizen was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

The victim wrote that a day later, on May 20, an officer came to the hospital where he was lying and demanded that he withdraw his statement.

Kun.uz sent a request to the Ministry of Defense and the Military Prosecutor's Office asking for clarification on the current situation.

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