16:31 / 22.05.2024

Tashkent court wrongfully accuses citizen not present in country

The Tashkent city court clarified a technical error in the case and explained the situation.

Previously, social network users circulated reports that the judge of the Mirabad district court for criminal cases had convicted a citizen, who was not in Uzbekistan, of committing an administrative violation in Tashkent and had sentenced him. According to the reports, the citizen was in Russia on April 17, the day he supposedly committed the violation. 

The Tashkent city court explained that this was a technical error and that the judge had rectified it immediately by issuing an additional decision. The violation actually occurred on May 16.

It was noted that the materials of this administrative violation case were received by the court on May 17 and were assigned to Judge S. Khujamkulova following the electronic distribution system. The process is fully digitized, eliminating the influence of human error.

On May 17, the Mirabad district court reviewed the administrative violation case at hand and imposed the appropriate punishment on the citizen.

"It must be emphasized that this statement should not be interpreted as a conclusion by the Council regarding the legality of the court decision. According to the law, legal assessments of court decisions are within the competence of the higher court instance," the report clarified.