19:37 / 24.05.2024

Car production in Uzbekistan shows significant growth over four months

The production of Lacetti, which was planned to be discontinued in April, has slightly increased compared to March.

Over the course of the past four months, Uzbekistan produced 114,605 passenger cars, according to the Statistics Agency.

Compared to the same period in 2023, the production volume increased 1.5 times. The Cobalt model remains in the lead — by the end of April, 41,704 units had been produced, 50.3% more than the previous year, with 12,600 manufactured in the last month alone.

Damas took second place with 23,200 cars (up 22%), including 4,200 in April. The crossover Tracker claimed third place — with 17,100 units or 4.7 times more than last year, and over 5,000 manufactured in the last month.

The production volume of Lacetti-Gentra (which was supposed to be phased out in April) nearly halved to 10,900 cars. However, in the past month, 2,143 units were produced, which is slightly more than in March.

Meanwhile, the production of Onix amounted to 11,500 cars, increasing 3.7 times compared to the previous year. In April, UzAuto Motors released 3,200 sedans of the new model, launched as a replacement for Nexia and Gentra.

Production of other car brands is also gradually growing. Since the beginning of the year, the republic has assembled 6,150 KIA vehicles and 3,490 Chery cars (with 1,170 and 502 produced in April, respectively).

The production volumes of other brands remain modest — 230 Haval cars and 73 Exeed vehicles, with 35 units of the latter brand produced in April against 25 Havals. The figures for special vehicles slightly increased, reaching 7671 units (a 6.6% growth).

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