14:58 / 24.05.2024

Namangan resident sentenced to 5 years for trying to smuggle nearly 80 million rubles out of Uzbekistan

A 34-year-old man tried to illegally transport nearly 80 million rubles to Kyrgyzstan. He was sentenced to five years of imprisonment by court order, and the funds were transferred to the state.

Namangan resident found guilty of attempting to illegally transfer nearly 80 million rubles to Kyrgyzstan, the State Security Service reports.

In December 2023, a 34-year-old resident of Namangan was detained during a special operation conducted at the Uzbek-Kyrgyz state border.

When his Lacetti car was stopped for inspection, officers discovered a total of 79,994,900 Russian rubles packed into three polyethylene bags in the vehicle's compartment. The cash was seized according to procedural order.

The report claims that the man was to receive a certain fee for smuggling currency across the border, with previous instances indicating he had carried out such illegal actions four times before.

The Yangikurgan District Criminal Court found the individual guilty of committing the crime envisioned by the Criminal Code's Articles 25, 28, and the subsection "a" of part 2 of Article 182 (Violation of Customs Legislation). He was sentenced to five years of imprisonment.

The funds seized from him as physical evidence during the special operation were transferred to state ownership in accordance with the court's decision.