17:49 / 27.05.2024

Russia proposes construction of mini nuclear power plants in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan and Russia may collaborate not only on the construction of a major 2.4 GW nuclear power plant but also on the development of small-scale nuclear reactors, each with a capacity of up to 55 MW, totaling six reactors.

Photo: atomic-energy.ru

The governments of Uzbekistan and Russia could establish a partnership to construct small-capacity nuclear power plants, following a decree issued by the Russian government on May 22.

The document, published today on May 27, instructs the Russian state corporation Rosatom to negotiate with the Uzbek side. Following these negotiations, Rosatom is to sign a protocol amending the intergovernmental agreement between official Tashkent and Moscow, originally signed on October 19, 2018, regarding nuclear power plant construction collaboration.

According to the draft protocol, alongside building a significant nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan with two energy blocks, each with a capacity of 1.2 GW, the sides also plan to construct a nuclear power plant consisting of six energy reactors with a capacity of up to 55 MW each, based on a Russian design.

Alexey Likhachev, the CEO of Rosatom, had previously announced in February of this year that the corporation was discussing the construction of small nuclear power plants with Uzbekistan. "We are conducting negotiations with Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, and several island states in Southeast Asia," he said.

We remind you that last week, the Uzatom agency was transferred from the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Energy to the direct supervision of the Cabinet of Ministers. The agency was granted the right to sign direct contracts with enterprises, establish business entities, and finance projects within the economy.

Additionally, the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan has established the Committee for Industry, Radiation, and Nuclear Safety.

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