10:19 / 27.05.2024

Uzbekistan eyes to develop transport system based on Spanish experience 

Spain was visited by a delegation of the Committee of Highways under the Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan, headed by the head of the Secretariat for Transport, Communications, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Cabinet of Ministers Mansurbekov Jumaniyazov.

Photo: Dunyo IA

During the visit, meetings were held with representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, as well as the management of the companies ALSA, Eptisa, IDOM and Trelleborg.

In the course of meetings, the Spanish side was provided with information about the reforms being carried out in our country, as well as promising projects and initiatives in the field of development of the transport sector, modernization of existing and construction of new high-speed roads, as well as improvement of the housing and communal services sector.

At the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, the Uzbek delegation was received by Sonia Velasquez, Deputy Director of the General Directorate of International Relations. Issues of establishing an exchange of experience in the field of highway development, introducing Spanish experience and modern technologies in Uzbekistan were discussed with her.

The Spanish side presented information on the various models of toll roads used in the country, including concession schemes and public-private partnerships. Examples of successful projects with heavy traffic were discussed, where toll roads helped relieve the main traffic and improve the quality of the road surface.

Particular attention was paid to technologies and systems for managing toll roads. Modern electronic toll collection systems are presented, including contactless payment methods and traffic monitoring systems.

Negotiations were held with the founder of ALSA, Felipe Cosmen, to study the company’s best practices and involve it in projects to develop the transport infrastructure of Uzbekistan and improve the quality of service in the field of passenger transportation.

At a meeting with the marketing director of the company – developer of infrastructure projects “Eptisa” Margarita Marticorena, issues of developing cooperation in the field of design and construction of roads, bridges and highways were discussed.

One of the key topics of the negotiations was the introduction of sustainable solutions in road construction, focusing on innovative methods and materials. Company representatives shared their experience of using environmentally friendly materials and technologies that minimize the impact on the environment. The possibilities of implementing projects using Spanish technologies on the basis of preferential loans from the FIEM Foundation were considered.

At the same time, the Uzbek delegation got acquainted with the activities of the Trelleborg company, which has advanced experience in the operation and maintenance of artificial structures (bridges). Issues of state participation in maintenance and repair, as well as measures taken to eliminate emerging problems in such facilities, were discussed.

Following the meeting, the parties confirmed mutual interest in developing a long-term partnership aimed at further developing the road and transport infrastructure of Uzbekistan.

The delegation also visited the Trelleborg plant for the production of rubber products for bridges in the city of Bilbao, got acquainted with the work of the Bilbao-Zaragoza toll road, as well as the system for maintaining and repairing internal roads in the city of Barcelona.