17:55 / 30.05.2024

Traffic violators identified during night raids in Tashkent

Employees of the Road Traffic Safety Service of the Tashkent city DIA conduct night raids, during which violators were identified; they were driving vehicles without licenses and license plates.

Photo: Frame from the video

So, on Makhtumkuli Street, the driver ignored the traffic policeman and drove away. During the operative events, it turned out that the license plate of the car was hidden in the trunk, and the owner himself transferred control to another person.

In another case, traffic policemen stopped a Cobalt car that was driving without a license plate. Upon inspection, it turned out that the car was recently purchased, and the driver only had a temporary transit number and no identification documents. Moreover, the female driver resisted the lawful demands of law enforcement agencies. An administrative protocol was drawn up against her, and the car was sent to the impound lot.

Also, when stopping the Monza car, it turned out that a woman without a driver’s license was driving. Her husband, who was in the passenger seat, stated that she had just started training at a driving school. The traffic policeman drew up an administrative protocol on this fact, and the car was sent to the impound lot.

In addition, during the raid, a car was stopped for driving through a red traffic light. When a traffic police officer asked the driver for documents, one of the passengers intervened and began to obstruct the inspection. As a result, it turned out that the driver and passenger were acquaintances living in the same mahalla, and that the passenger had a previous conviction.