09:47 / 31.05.2024

Uzbekistan’s national debt reached $34.9 billion in 2023

The public debt of Uzbekistan has reached $34.9 billion. Of this, external debt is $29.6 billion.

Фото: AP

The report of the Ministry of Economy and Finance provides data according to which the public debt of Uzbekistan has reached $34.9 billion or 38.4% of the republic’s GDP.

For example, in 2022 this figure was equal to 36.4% of the country’s GDP, in 2021 – 38%. In monetary terms – $29.2 billion and $26.3 billion, respectively.

It is reported that out of $34.9 billion, external debt accounted for $29.6 billion.

The country’s major creditors were the World Bank – $6.6 billion, the Asian Development Bank – $6.4 billion and international investors – $3.4 billion.

The volume of domestic borrowings amounted to $5.3 billion.

It is noted that over the past year the country has repaid three-year international bonds worth 2 trillion soums issued in 2020.

The report also notes that 71.4% of Uzbekistan’s external debts are denominated in dollars, in soums – 6.9%, in Japanese yens – 6.2%.

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