12:09 / 03.06.2024

“Children need safe water tanks” – Surayyo Rakhmonova

With the end of school and the beginning of the summer holidays, children, like adults, increase the need for swimming. Internal affairs bodies began regularly publishing photographs and videos showing how they prohibit children from swimming in the wrong places.

Photo: Surkhandarya regional DIA

Children’s Ombudsman of Uzbekistan Surayyo Rakhmonova said that children need alternatives – safe places for swimming.

“It is possible to prevent accidents with children only by creating such conditions in each region. We sent a request to the heads of the National Commission for Children of all regions – regional governors,” she told Gazeta.uz.

Surayyo Rakhmonova noted the importance of strengthening control, preventive measures and warnings to prevent accidents.

“Children often go out to swim in ponds in their area. Therefore, we draw the attention of the authorities to the issue of security. Strengthening control will prevent accidents,” Surayyo Rakhmonova said.

However, it is not enough just to warn children not to swim in prohibited areas.

“It’s difficult to solve the problem with bans. We need both awareness and alternative safe water tanks for children,” she emphasized.

Surayyo Rakhmonova recalled that parents are responsible for the safety and health of their children during the holidays and called on them to be vigilant.

In 2022, Gazeta.uz wrote how in Tashkent, despite the rapid growth of the population and the increase in the number of hot days, there were practically no free swimming places left.