09:48 / 03.06.2024

Climatologist: Lack of oxygen was observed in the air of Tashkent

One of the amateur researchers found out that when measuring the oxygen content of the capital’s air, the amount decreased from 19.5%, but the nitrogen content increased significantly.

Photo: Kun.uz

It is said that on May 29 of this year, the amount of oxygen in the capital’s air dropped below the norm. Several factors may have contributed to this.

Climatologist Erkin Abdulakhadov wrote about the decrease in the amount of oxygen in the air in Tashkent.

One of the amateur researchers found out that on May 29, when the oxygen content of the air was measured in the capital, the amount decreased from 19.5%, on the contrary, the amount of nitrogen in the air increased significantly.

Lack of oxygen is evident in people’s lack of sleep. At the same time, lack of oxygen in the capital is caused by the climatic factor and the lack of artificial water bodies. Growing algae such as chlorella in artificial water bodies alleviates the situation somewhat. In the future, the need to install devices that absorb carbon dioxide from the air and produce constant oxygen will increase in the capital and big cities, as in the big cities of Argentina.

He added that the increase in temperature will reduce the oxygen in the air and the decrease in atmospheric pressure will lead to chronic oxygen deficiency. It has a negative effect on patients with arterial hypertension, ischemic heart disease, respiratory lung diseases.

This is especially noticeable in large flat cities without green phytomass, and artificial water bodies. Such a situation is not observed in the areas around the foothills, green covers, and many water bodies.

“It is recommended that the population prone to the above diseases should consult a doctor, perform breathing exercises, take cold water treatments, and take medicines that correct cardiovascular activity. It is not recommended to walk in relatively cool places, to exert strong stress, to intensify mental work,” Erkin Abdulakhadov wrote.