10:09 / 03.06.2024

Union of Journalists of Uzbekistan and Press Club of India sign an MoC

A delegation of media representatives from Uzbekistan held negotiations in India aimed at further enhancing mutual cooperation in this area.

Photo: Dunyo IA

During the joint event at the Press Club of India, issues of broad coverage of the multifaceted cooperation between the two countries, which has been dynamically developing in recent years, conveying to the general public the essence and significance of the large-scale reforms carried out in our states, and the active participation of leading media in this process were discussed.

Ambassador of Uzbekistan Sardor Rustambaev, editor-in-chief of the newspapers “Yangi O‘zbekiston” and “Pravda Vostoka” Salim Donyorov, acting chairman of the Union of Journalists Kholmurod Salimov, President of the Press Club of India Gautam Lahiri and others noted the special role and high responsibility of media workers in further strengthening the centuries-old friendship between our peoples.

At the event, a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) was signed between the Union of Journalists of Uzbekistan and the Press Club of India.

“In the decree of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev “On measures to support the media and develop the field of journalism” dated June 27, 2022, special attention is paid to improving the knowledge and skills of representatives of the media sector of our country abroad. The memorandum of cooperation signed between journalistic organizations of Uzbekistan and India provides for increasing the knowledge and skills of Uzbek journalists in India, conducting master classes with the participation of famous Indian journalists and other important tasks. This will certainly serve to bring bilateral cooperation to a new level,” says Kholmurod Salimov. 

According to this document, mutual creative trips of journalists will be organized, measures will be taken to exchange best practices, information exchange will be established, and joint events and competitions will be held.

During meetings in the leading Indian newspapers “The Economic Times” and “The New Indian Express”, an exchange of views took place regarding the prospects for establishing creative ties between these publications and the newspapers “Yangi O‘zbekiston” and “Pravda Vostoka”.

The executive editor of the newspaper “The Economic Times” Pranab Samanta and the editor of the newspaper “The New Indian Express” Santvana Bhattacharya, noting the great interest of the international community in the process of renewal taking place in the life of Uzbekistan in recent years and the country’s consistent initiatives, expressed confidence that the establishment and development of mutual creative connections will be mutually beneficial.

“Today, the world’s largest media pay special attention to covering the process of renewal and reform in Uzbekistan. Based on this, the leading publications of our country are consistently developing their international relations. In particular, representatives of the newspapers Yangi O‘zbekiston and Pravda Vostoka discussed the prospects for cooperation with major media structures in India. We agreed to exchange articles, video and audio content with our Indian colleagues, and to form a joint expert group to prepare analytical materials on various aspects of interaction between our countries,” Salim Donyorov said.

During the dialogue between representatives of the leading media of Uzbekistan and India, practical directions for raising bilateral creative ties to a new level were identified.

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