14:32 / 04.06.2024

President cancels exclusive rights of a number of large state-owned companies

The decision is intended to speed up accession to the WTO and also affects metallurgy and communications.

Photo: Presidential press service

Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree abolishing exclusive economic rights for a number of large state-owned companies, the presidential assistant Said Mirziyoyeva said.

The document covers such industries as ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry, telecommunications and energy. It is noted that its signing is part of a series of economic reforms aimed at creating a free market.

“We are once again demonstrating our priorities regarding joining the World Trade Organization, observing one of its main principles - equal and competitive conditions for everyone,” Mirziyoyeva said.

According to some sources, we are talking about the abolition of the exclusive rights of the companies UzGasTrade, Uzkimoimpeks, Uzmetkombinat and Uzvtortsvetmet. Also, telecom operators, as an experiment, will be allowed to directly connect to external Internet channels.

Customs duties are planned to be revised to bring them into line with WTO standards. In addition, according to sources, the decree provides for the abolition of preferences in government procurement.

At negotiations in Geneva at the end of May, Deputy PM Jamshid Khodjayev spoke about Uzbekistan’s intention to become a member of the WTO by 2026. The organization’s working group called on the government to “take on additional responsibilities”.

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