19:44 / 04.06.2024

Russian PM calls for construction of agro-hubs for Eurasian Agro-Express

Digitalization of transportation will expedite the delivery of products, says the Russian Prime Minister.

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Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has supported the development of infrastructure for the "Eurasian Agro-Express" project, TASS reports.

The topic was addressed during a session of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council in Nesvizh, Belarus, dedicated to food security. The head of the Russian government emphasized the importance of efficient logistics and transport corridors for food supply.

He identified the digitalization of cross-border freight transport as a key component of their operation for seamless movement of goods. This will reduce the cost for cargo operators and speed up the delivery of products.

The implementation of the "Eurasian Agro-Express" will contribute to the growth of agricultural supplies from EAEU countries to Uzbekistan, China, India, and other countries, Mishustin noted. In 2023, 14 Russian regions signed agreements to participate in the initiative.

"We need to continue the design and construction of agro-hubs and trade-logistics centers along the route so that even more people can receive fresh, high-quality vegetables, fruits, and food products," Mishustin stressed.

Uzbekistan's Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov, who attended the meeting, expressed readiness to expand cooperation in food security with the EAEU. He pointed out the development of agricultural cooperation of the republic with member countries of the union.

Besides mutual product supplies and the development of "green corridors," they discussed the joint cultivation of agricultural crops and food production. Plans are in place to create new agro-industrial clusters and logistics centers.

Aripov also noted the organization of scientific applied research and the introduction of innovations in the agricultural sector. Special attention was given to climate change adaptation, "green" and water-saving technologies.

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