09:35 / 05.06.2024

Uzbek regions to bolster relations with Indian state of Karnataka 

Ambassador of Uzbekistan Sardor Rustambaev met with the Chief Secretary of the Indian state of Karnataka Rajneesh Goel.

Photo: Dunyo IA

During the event, the prospects for cooperation between Uzbekistan and this state of India in the field of information technology, education, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, tourism and other areas, and the development of interregional ties were discussed.

The Ambassador noted that in recent years, Uzbek-Indian multifaceted cooperation, including interregional ties, has been consistently strengthening, and the basis of these processes are friendly and trusting relations between the leaders of the two states, as well as large-scale reforms being implemented in our countries.

Particular attention was paid to the possibility of attracting investments, advanced technologies and innovative solutions, knowledge and skills of the state of Karnataka in various sectors of the economy of Uzbekistan.

Based on the agreements reached in August 2022 at a meeting between the mayor of Jizzakh region and the Chief Minister of Karnataka, the importance of accelerating the process of signing an agreement on cooperation between Jizzakh and Karnataka in the trade-economic, scientific-technical, social and cultural-humanitarian spheres was noted.

Rajneesh Goel, noting the interest of the state of Karnataka in taking relations with the regions of Uzbekistan to a new level, stated that efforts in this direction will be intensified. It was noted that the most effective areas could be information technology and tourism. In this regard, he called on travel companies of Uzbekistan to take an active part in the event dedicated to the development of the tourism network of the South Indian states, which will take place on June 15-16.

The parties emphasized that in the consistent development of interregional relations, the organization of mutual visits of representatives of the business community and other areas, as well as the intensification of practical dialogue between them, are of particular importance.