14:16 / 07.06.2024

SSS detains tax inspectors for accepting bribes in four regions

Officials detained for bribes promised not to conduct desk audits, reduce the amount of taxes, and also assist in the activities of enterprises.

Photo: Frame from the video

State Security Service officers stopped several cases of illegal actions of tax officials in four regions.

In particular, an inspector of on-site tax audits of the Karshi district inspectorate was detained. For $2,300, he promised not to conduct desk tax audits in relation to the activities of 5 local enterprises until September of this year.

It turned out that this money was intended for the chief inspector of the desk tax audit department of the region, who was also detained with material evidence.

In the Bukhara region, a senior inspector of the Gijduvan district was detained, who, taking advantage of his official position, received 8 million soums for failure to transfer an individual entrepreneur to the category of a flat tax payer in the amount of 2.4 million soums by the end of the year, as well as for protecting him from future audits of tax authorities and assistance in its activities.

In Tashkent, the chief inspector of the Yakkasaray district tax inspectorate was detained while receiving $600 for failure to conduct tax audits for six months and assistance in catering activities. During the investigation, it was established that the head of the district tax inspection department was involved in this illegal case, who was also detained.

The former head of the desk control department of the Yukorichirchik district of Tashkent region was detained with material evidence while receiving $5,000 for reducing the amount of value added tax in the amount of 267.3 million soums and the net profit tax in the amount of 664.7 million soums, identified during the tax audit of the activities of a local enterprise.

Based on these facts, criminal cases have been initiated and investigative actions are underway.

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