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Modern management in healthcare being taught to managers of maternal and child health system 

On June 3-7, managers of various parts of the maternal and child healthcare system of Uzbekistan completed the “Healthcare Management” course.

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This was the first step in implementing the order of the President of Uzbekistan on the use of modern management to significantly improve medical care for the country’s population.

As President Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted at the meeting on February 5, the widespread use of the achievements of modern management in domestic healthcare, the work on international accreditation of medical institutions and universities should, as a result, create an environment of advanced clinics in medical institutions.

In order to implement the task and conduct the first 40-hour course “Management in Healthcare,” the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan and the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center for Maternal and Child Health (Republican Medical Center) attracted specialists from the Russian National Research University Higher School of Economics.

As Deputy Minister of Health Elmira Basitkhanova noted at the opening of the course, modern knowledge in the field of management will significantly increase the efficiency of domestic healthcare, and therefore bring the provision of medical care to the country’s residents to a new quality level.

Indeed, knowledge about international experience and methods in the management system of medical institutions at various levels is in great demand among specialists in modern Uzbekistan. This was discussed, in particular, by the directors of the branches of the Russian National Research and Medical Center for Medical and Radiology, who are participants in the course.

According to the director of the Khorezm branch, Salomat Matyakubova, modern knowledge in the field of management makes it possible to build effective relationships with the team, to make the necessary decisions more quickly and correctly, which is very necessary in the obstetrics system.

Dildora Nasretdinova, director of the Andijan branch of the Republican Medical Center, also agrees with her colleague. In her opinion, the new knowledge gained in management needs to be disseminated further, which is what she plans to do in her institution.

As noted by Natalya Nadirkhanova, director of the Russian Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Research, the choice in favor of the National Research University “Higher School of Economics” to conduct the course was made after a thorough search. Not all experts in the field have competencies specifically in the area of “Healthcare Management”. Another advantage of the Higher School of Economics is that they brought in experts from Moscow, Perm, Valdai, as well as direct heads of large Russian medical organizations to teach here. That is, the conversation between experts and the audience takes place in what is called the same professional language.

Why is management knowledge so necessary in healthcare today and what its subtleties are, shared by Elena Shadrina, Deputy Director of the National Research University “VShU” (Perm).

- Learning modern management and applying it means for a manager to be able to organize an effective process so that people work with maximum efficiency, are truly involved in the process, understand it, and share the values of their organization. That's when the real result will come. The state and private companies spend enormous resources investing in buildings, equipment, medical materials, and so on. But in order for this to work effectively and give maximum impact, these resources also need to be managed. Actually, this is what the healthcare management course teaches,” noted Elena Shadrina.

We would like to add that in Uzbekistan, on the basis of the Maternal and Child Health Center, it is planned to create a Health Management Center, which will systematically train managers for domestic health care and increase the knowledge in the field of management of executives.

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