16:45 / 11.06.2024

Import of fuel oil and coal to be exempted from customs duties for two years

This year, Uzbekistan plans to launch several power plants with a capacity of 4 GW, including 11 solar stations and 3 wind power plants.

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Shavkat Mirziyoyev has recently held a meeting discussing measures for the efficient use of energy resources and ensuring the stable operation of energy sector facilities during the autumn-winter heating season.

As it was emphasized at the meeting, the import of fuel oil and coal will be exempted from customs duties for two years, and revolving credits will be provided for coal imports for a period of three years.

In 2024, there are plans to launch several power plants with a capacity of 4 GW, including 11 SPP and 3 WPP. In addition, 850 km of networks and 9 substations will be overhauled, and 595 km of power lines and 4 new substations will be constructed.

To ensure the stable operation of boilers and meet domestic needs, it is planned to increase coal mining to 8 million tons per year.

At the meeting, the president instructed the provincial governors to ensure the delivery of 2.4 million tons of coal and to create, by October 1, a reserve stock of 600 thousand tons of coal and 350 thousand tons of fuel oil.

In some neighborhood communities, low gas pressure and high delivery losses are observed. In this regard, there are plans to transition the gas supply of these households from a three-stage system to a two-stage system.

From October to December, consumers will be supplied with 163 thousand tons of liquefied gas. Moreover, the governors of the regions will need to create reserves of coal, liquefied gas, and main types of food supplies for about 300 remote neighborhoods.

To ensure a trouble-free passage of the autumn-winter heating period, leaders of the Ministry of Energy will be assigned to each region and will be responsible for fixing any malfunctions and emergencies.

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