SOCIETY | 18:56 / 20.06.2024
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Female athlete who conflicted with a steward on board in Dubai-Tashkent flight punished

The 36-year-old passenger insulted the steward and threatened to break his jaw.

On June 13, 36-year-old B.S., a native of the Syrdarya region, now a resident of the capital, took flight HY-334 Dubai – Tashkent, reports with reference to a source in the Airport Security Department.

During the flight, she came into conflict with the steward, insulting him with obscene words.

It turned out that B.S., being an athlete, threatened to break the steward’s jaw.

Upon arrival at Tashkent airport, the inspector handed over the collected case materials regarding passenger B.S. to the Sergeli district criminal court.

On June 20, the court considered this case and found the citizen guilty under Article 183 of the Administrative Responsibility Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Petty hooliganism), imposing her a fine of 4 BCAs.

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