SOCIETY | 08:28 / 21.06.2024
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Tashkent court sentenced a young man who was wearing women’s burqa in public

The court imposed a fine and administratively imprisoned the 22-year-old man.

The court imposed a fine and 15 days in prison on a young man wearing a women’s burqa in the Chorsu market of Tashkent. He has the right to file an appeal against the court verdict within 10 days.

According to the copy of the judgment available in the editorial office, on June 19, 22-year-old P.B. covered his face in front of the Chorsu market in such a way that it was impossible to identify him. He was stopped by officers of the internal affairs bodies and invited to the DIA building in order to identify his identity and draw up documents related to the situation. But the young man refused to fulfill the legal requirements and actively resisted the service activities of the employees.

On June 20, the administrative case opened against him was considered in the Shaykhantakhur district court on criminal cases. P.B. confirmed in court that he used to wear women’s “burqa” around the market because he was interested in women’s clothes from a young age.

The court found that the young man had committed offenses under Article 184(4) of the Administrative Responsibility Code (appearing in public places in a manner that does not allow identification of one’s identity) and Article 195 (resisting the performance of the duties of police officers).

The young man was sentenced to a fine of 10 BCAs (3 million 400 thousand UZS) and 15-day administrative imprisonment. He has the right to file an appeal against the court verdict within 10 days.

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