POLITICS | 13:29 / 24.06.2024
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Officials of medical institution in Tashkent embezzle large amount of budget funds 

A number of violations of the law were identified related to theft, payment of monthly wages for unfulfilled work, shortage of medical equipment, and government procurement.

It was established that officials of the Tashkent medical institution committed a number of violations of the law.

According to the anti-corruption agency, its specialists, together with the Ministry of Health, within the framework of the “Industry without Corruption” project, conducted a study of the expenditure of budget funds in the capital’s Clinical Hospital No. 1 named after Ibn Sina.

The study revealed a number of violations of the law related to the theft of budget funds in a medical institution, payment of monthly wages for unfulfilled work, shortages of medical equipment, as well as violations of government procurement processes.

In particular, officials of the organization, in collusion with each other, in the presence of a number of official vacancies in the hospital, entered into civil contracts with other citizens, and they paid monthly wages for various tasks that were not actually performed. As a result, a large amount of budget funds was embezzled.

According to the above, based on the documents provided by the department, the prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code.

A preliminary investigation is currently underway.

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