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Father of four beaten to death by police in Tashkent region, investigation launched

A 43-year-old man who was taken to the Bekobod City internal affairs department has died. According to officials, the man died due to a sudden deterioration in his health at the entrance to the internal affairs building. However, the deceased's brother claims that he died as a result of being beaten by police officers. A reporter investigated the incident in the Bekobod district and spoke with the deceased's relatives.

According to the Tashkent Regional IAD, the 43 and 46-year-old brothers attended the trial of their 33-year-old younger brother, who was accused of intentionally inflicting serious bodily harm. Dissatisfied with the sentencing of their brother to imprisonment, they caused a commotion in the courtroom, disturbing public order. 

To restore order and ensure the safety of citizens, local internal affairs officers were called to the courtroom. Three prevention inspectors arrived, quelled the disturbance, and took the participants to the city IAD building to document the incident. 

The 43-year-old man lost consciousness and his condition worsened at the entrance of the IAD building. He was taken to the city hospital, where he was said dead upon examination. 

However, participant Dilmurod Yusupvaliev claims that his brother died as a result of being beaten by police officers. 

“On June 19, 2024, my younger brother was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment. Our father became angry and questioned the judge. An internal affairs officer grabbed my father's shoulder, told him to sit down disrespectfully, which angered my brother. Two officers then grabbed my brother. The judge ordered him to be taken out. When we went outside, one officer threatened my brother, saying 'I will ruin you.' My brother responded, stating that if they were not wearing uniforms, he would fight back. 

One officer grabbed me by my pants. I told him to let go, as I am not a child. We were taken to the IAD building. As soon as we entered, three officers twisted my arms and led me inside. 

Two officers held my brother’s arms while another beat him with a baton, one kicked him in the stomach, and another hit him from behind. Then my brother fell. He asked for an ambulance, saying he was feeling unwell. They beat me too, and I fell. I begged them to call an ambulance for my brother, but one officer hit me in the ear with a baton. Five or six officers then started beating and kicking my brother again, all young men. Three kicked him with the tips of their shoes, and one with the sole. They beat him near a room labeled 'Nolovka.' 

Despite asking the duty officer to call an ambulance without touching my brother, they did not call one. 

“I ran outside to call for an ambulance. The chief of police came out. When I tried to run outside, two more officers brought me back inside. When I got out, my brother was already dead. They measured his pulse and found he was dead. The officers who initially brought us in had disappeared. One officer followed me, asking me to write an explanatory note. 

Sardor, an investigator, and I checked my brother's pulse. I gave him artificial respiration and cardiac massage. When I arrived, part of my brother’s body was in the beaten room, part of it was in the corridor. He was lying on the floor in the corridor when I arrived. 

His body was bruised and cold. I checked his mouth to see if his tongue was in place, and it was. When I was shouting, the chief of police told me not to blackmail him, saying, 'Who beats here? There are cameras everywhere.' I showed him the bruises and footprints on my brother’s clothes. Half an hour later, they finally called an ambulance. The duty officer came and tried to give him water, but he was unconscious. 

When the ambulance did not arrive, they took him in their car. When I said I would go with them, they made me stay and write an explanatory note. I shouted to my acquaintances on the street that they were taking my brother to the hospital. I asked the internal affairs officers to find out which hospital, but they did not. They held me there for three hours. I don’t know why they held me. 

I suffered a concussion when they hit me in the ear, and my eardrum was torn. I have bruises on my shoulders. Everything happened before my eyes, within 5-10 minutes. Now all we want is justice. He was an athlete, participated in martial arts competitions. He has four children, the youngest is not even one year old. His eldest daughter will be of marriage age in a year or two. These four children are now left without a father,” he said. 

According to officials, a forensic medical examination has been ordered to determine the cause of death. The case is being monitored by the prosecutor's office, and an investigation is underway. 

The Ombudsman for Human Rights has sent a letter to the Prosecutor General's Office requesting a thorough and fair investigation within the framework of the law. 

According to the press secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Shokhrukh Giyasov, all video recordings from the scene of the incident have been collected. The testimonies of witnesses and participants in the incident are being reviewed. 

He added that any death related to internal affairs officers is considered an extraordinary event, and a thorough, complete, and impartial investigation of the actions of all participants, including each officer, is ensured. 

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