BUSINESS | 10:12 / 25.06.2024
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Uzbekistan plans to simplify freight transportation with SCO countries

The Ministry of Transport is discussing the implementation of E-permit with Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Azerbaijan.

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On June 20, transport ministers of the SCO member states held a meeting, in which the first deputy head of the Uzbek Ministry of Transport, Mamanbiy Omarov, participated. The meeting attendees agreed to develop transport dependency, expand transport and transit potential within the SCO, and consolidate approaches to the decarbonization of transport.

The first Deputy Minister of Transport called for the formation of a unified transport network, creating a global supply chain in the North-South and East-West direction for utilizing the capabilities of ground and multimodal transport corridors.

Omarov also emphasized the importance of developing the digitalization of transport processes and simplifying the crossing of cross-border points. Uzbekistan has offered SCO member states to join the E-permit system and use the electronic consignment note for the transportation of goods, eCMR.

In November 2022, the electronic E-permit system was first introduced between Uzbekistan and Turkey on the initiative of the Ministry of Transport. The goal is to speed up transport operations and increase the trade turnover between the two countries.

In April, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan launched an electronic system for permitting international freight transportation. The E-permit system was launched in a test mode by specialists from the "Digital Transport" center under the Ministry of Transport.

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