POLITICS | 16:03 / 26.06.2024
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New mayor appointed to Pastdargom district

Vakhob Murotkobilov, who has headed the district since 2023, has been relieved of his post. Sherzod Rakhmonov, who held the post of mayor of the Narpay district, became the head of the Pastdargom district.

Photo: Samarkand regional administration

An extraordinary session of the district Council of People’s Deputies was held in the administration of the Pastdargom district, Samarkand region. The organizational issue is considered.

Vakhob Murotkobilov, who has led the district since 2023, according to his application, was relieved of his post as mayor of the district.

During the session, deputies approved the candidacy of Sherzod Rakhmonov for the post of mayor of the Pastdargom district.

Sherzod Rakhmonov was born in 1991 in the Narpay district, Samarkand region. Prior to his appointment, he worked as mayor of the Narpay district.

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