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Over 2.15 tons of drugs destroyed in Tashkent

Photo: Customs Committee of Uzbekistan

More than 2.15 tons of drugs seized from illicit trafficking by law enforcement agencies were destroyed on June 26 in honor of the International Day against Drug Addiction and Illicit Drug Trafficking, the press service of the Customs Committee of Uzbekistan reported.

The following were burned in a special oven in an industrial zone in the Yangikhayot district of Tashkent:

•  37.6 kg of heroin;
•  184.7 kg of opium;
•  413.8 kg of hashish;
•  28.58 g poppy heads;
•  95.9 kg of poppy straw;
•  11.3 kg poppy seeds,
•  424.7 kg of marijuana;
•  961.4 kg of cannabis;
•  18.73 grams of cannabis oil;
•  347.85 g tetrahydrocannabinol;
•  6.48 grams of cocaine, as well as various psychotropic and psychoactive substances and synthetic drugs.

In 2023, customs authorities seized 9.2 tons of narcotic drugs, 17.7 thousand units of psychotropic drugs, 827.3 grams of precursors, as well as 197.6 thousand units of drugs and 109.2 kg of potent substances, the circulation of which is limited.

Most of the drugs seized were a record batch of poppy straw, which they tried to import into the country in September 2023 through the Tashkent-Aero customs post. Then, during a customs inspection, it turned out that 25 tons of cargo, which was declared as confectionery poppy, contained 8.5 tons of poppy straw, which is considered a narcotic substance. The Customs Committee reported that this is the largest shipment of drugs in the entire 30-year history of the customs service.

Today, border customs posts are equipped with 23 inspection systems, 15 human body scanners, 202 X-ray machines and other means for detecting contraband.

The National Canine Center of the Customs Committee trains dog handlers and service dogs to combat the illegal smuggling of narcotic drugs, potent and psychotropic substances.

It should be noted that in 2023, more than 2 tons of drugs were also burned at an event dedicated to International Anti-Drug Day.

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