SOCIETY | 16:52 / 28.06.2024
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Car cleaner crashes a Zeekr 001 e-car worth over $50,000 in Samarkand (video)

The owner of the damaged car did not demand compensation from the young man for damages.

Photo: Samarkand regional DIA

In Samarkand, a car wash worker, driving a Zeekr 001 e-car worth more than $50,000, got into an accident and damaged a total of three cars.

As the regional police department reported, the incident occurred on June 20 at 17:00. The young man, having lost control of the Zeekr 001, crashed into a KIA BONGO III and a Lacetti.

There were no casualties or injuries as a result of the collision.

It is noted that after the accident, the car cleaner experienced severe stress. However, the owner of the Zeekr 001 car refused to demand compensation for damages from the young man.

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