SOCIETY | 16:56 / 28.06.2024
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Young people with language proficiency certificates to receive one-time payments of over 1 million UZS

The presidential decree outlines new material support measures for young people possessing international foreign language proficiency certificates.

The decree 'On additional measures to enhance the efficiency of the system for teaching foreign languages to youth' has been adopted.

As detailed in the decree, beyond reimbursing examination expenses for young people who succeed in international standard examinations and achieve a certificate at C1 level or its equivalent in English, German, French, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese, a novel incentive is set to be introduced.

This incentive includes a one-time financial reward amounting to 3 BCAs (1 million 20 thousand UZS) to help with educational expenses.

From September 1, 2024, to January 1, 2027, the minimum score (required certificate level) to qualify for covering the examination expenses for international standard examinations in German, French, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese will be reduced by one level for youth.

Additionally, private training centers will be permitted to conduct vocational and foreign language classes in the facilities of general secondary educational institutions outside of regular school hours. This will be conducted based on direct contracts with entitlement to complimentary use.

The Ministry of Preschool and School Education will approve the roster of applicable general secondary educational institutions."

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