SOCIETY | 10:40 / 01.07.2024
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Counterfeit money worth over 1 billion UZS destroyed in Navoi

During the special operation, a large batch of material evidence seized by law enforcement agencies and subject to destruction in accordance with a court decision was burned.

Photo: Navoi regional customs department

In Navoi, products obtained illegally, including counterfeit money, were burned. was informed about this by the press service of the regional customs department.

It is reported that responsible officials from customs, the prosecutor's office, the BPI and the environmental department took part in the destruction action.

At the event, by court decision, 13.6 thousand boxes of tobacco products, 30 pieces of electronic cigarettes, medical supplies worth 126 million soums and counterfeit money with a face value of 1 billion 200 million soums were destroyed by burning.

Earlier, it was reported that more than 2 tons of drugs were burned in Tashkent.

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