SOCIETY | 12:15 / 06.07.2024
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Over 2,000 private kindergartens opened in Uzbekistan in 7 years

During the same period, the number of private schools increased 16 times, and educational centers 48 times.

In recent years, private educational institutions have been actively opening in Uzbekistan, the Minister of Preschool and School Education Khilola Umarova said at a roundtable on the topic of non-state education.

According to the department, since 2017 the number of private kindergartens has increased more than 13 times and reached 2,591. The number of their pupils exceeds 166 thousand.

Pre-school education coverage has increased from 27% to 74%. By 2030, it is planned to increase it to 100%, including through the private sector.

Also, over the past seven years, 458 new private schools have opened in the country, which means a 16.2-fold increase. Currently, 82.8 thousand children are studying there.

The sphere of non-governmental educational centers has developed even more actively. At present, there are 1,755 such institutions operating in the republic, or 48 times more than seven years ago.

"Strategy-2030" provides for a number of new benefits for the private education sector. Thus, from 2025, preferential loans of up to 20 billion UZS will be allocated for the opening of new private schools.

Founders of private schools will be granted tax breaks on profits. In addition, 50% of the costs of these institutions for utilities will be subsidized for 5 years.

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