15:25 / 16.07.2020

“Japanese-made anti-COVID-19 drugs have been imported to Uzbekistan” – Alisher Shadmanov

200,000 packages of Japanese-made “Avigan” (favipiravir) have been delivered to Uzbekistan. This was announced by the Minister of Health Alisher Shadmanov.

Photo: KUN.UZ

According to Shadmanov, additional ambulance crews will be set up at each ambulance station, mobile teams will be organized in polyclinics, and a system of quality care for patients treated at home will be established.

“The task is to unite leading scientists and specialists from higher education institutions and republican centers for all patients treated in hospitals and at home.

In addition, in order to reduce confusion among the general public, instructions were given to increase the number of call centers and the number of staff working in them.

Yesterday, 200,000 packages of Avigan, one of the most effective drugs produced in Japan, were delivered to our country. There are enough medicines for our patients in hospitals.

Furthermore, the President instructed to stockpile medicines in each region and district,” Alisher Shadmanov said after the July 15 videoconference chaired by the President.

It should be recalled that at the meeting, the Minister of Health Alisher Shadmanov and the khokim of Tashkent Jakhongir Artikhodjayev were reprimanded for the inability to properly organize the work on preventing the spread of the coronavirus in Tashkent and failure to treat the infected appropriately.

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