SOCIETY | 11:51 / 25.02.2023
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Nexia-3 car explodes at CNG filling station in Kashkadarya

As a result of the explosion of a gas cylinder, the car became completely unusable.

Photo: MES

Nexia-3 exploded while refueling at a CNG filling station in the city of Karshi.

The Emergencies Department of Kashkadarya region reported that the incident occurred on February 24, 2023, at 16:08.

It is reported that while gas was being pumped into the Nexia-3 vehicle at the CNG filling station located on Nasaf Street, the gas cylinder installed in it exploded.

As a result, the car’s rear side was shattered into pieces. There was no fire at the site and no casualties were reported.

The incident is said to be under investigation.

“The Ministry of Emergency Situations asks all drivers to pass a technical inspection of cars in a timely manner and follow all safety rules,” the report reads.

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