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Real per capita income growth slowed threefold in Uzbekistan last year

In 2023, total per capita income amounted to 20 million soums, real growth was 2.4%. The highest figure in this regard was recorded in Tashkent (44.4 million soums), and the lowest in Karakalpakstan (14.5 million soums). Real per capita income fell in five regions.


Real growth in total per capita income in Uzbekistan in 2023 was 2.4%, which is significantly slower than the previous year. For comparison, in 2022 this figure was 7.3%, the Statistics Agency reported.

According to the Agency, at the end of last year, the total income of the population amounted to 728.8 trillion soums. In particular, the nominal growth of total income was 15%, and the real one – 4.6%.

The total income per capita amounted to 20 million soums. In 2023, the average per capita nominal total income of the population above the national average was in Tashkent – 44,427.9 thousand soums, Navoi region – 31,445.6 thousand soums, Bukhara region – 23,480.3 thousand soums, Tashkent region – 20,730.2 thousand soums and Khorezm region – 20,076.6 thousand soums.

The lowest per capita nominal total income of the population was recorded in the Republic of Karakalpakstan – 14,570.7 thousand soums, Namangan region – 15,070.6 thousand soums and Fergana region – 15,716.5 thousand soums.

The highest rate of real growth of per capita total income was recorded in Tashkent city (7.6%), Navoi region (5.7%), Syrdarya region and Andijan region (4.4%), as well as in Jizzakh region (4.3%).

It is noteworthy that real income per capita decreased in 5 regions: Khorezm (-6.4%), Surkhandarya (-0.8%), Samarkand (-0.5%), Bukhara (-0.4%) and Namangan (-0.3%) regions. That is, the population of these regions on average has become poorer.

The significant growth in the total income of the population is mainly facilitated by significant changes in income from self-employment, which accounts for 34.3%, income of employees – 29.7%, and income from transfers – 26.7%.

Previously, reported that in 2023, the growth of state budget revenues has slowed sharply.

Also last year, Uzbekistan’s GDP grew by 6% and amounted to $90.8 billion. GDP per capita reached 29.3 million soums or $2,494.

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