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17:30 / 07.05.2016 435

State Competition Committee accuses UZPAYNEY in price discrimination

State Competition Committee of Uzbekistan accused UZPAYNET, which accepts payments for various services from population in Uzbekistan, for applying discriminative tariffs for some category of the operators.
The committee said it studied tariffs of UZPAYNET and revealed use of discriminative conditions at applying tariffs to some category of operators.

It underlined that the commission of UZPAYNET for accepting payments for mobile, fixed-telephony and communal services did not exceed 4.5% from the sum of payment.

The commission for accepting payments for internet and other services in average made up 10%. At the same time, the size of the commission varied from 4.5% to 15%.

State Competition Committee opened case against the company for violation of competition legislation. The special commission considered the case and issues an order to stop and prevent violations of the legislation.

In the result, UZPAYNET reviewed its tariffs for its services. The commission for payment of communal services (gas, electricity, water, heating and hot water) is set at 2% and other services (mobile communication, internet, telephony, etc) – 4.5%.

Source:  Uzdaily.com