In Kuala Lumpur, a ceremony acquainted the participants with the concept of agricultural, horticultural and agro exhibition Malaysia, which will be held from November 24 to December 4 this year. It is organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Industries.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Kuala Lumpur, including Uzbekistan. The meeting was opened by Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Industries Malaysia Ahmad Shaberi Chik. He introduced the concept of the upcoming exhibition and said that MAHA-2016 will be held under the motto “Our food – our future”. In the framework of exposition, five sections will be organized along: “Agriculture for the enrichment of knowledge”, “Food security and sovereignty”, “well-being”, “Tourism” and "Health Regeneration”. It is expected that during the eleven days of the exhibition it will be visited by more than 3 million men.

The Uzbek side made a presentation of agro-industrial potential of the nation. The participants were provided with detailed information about the progress and results of reforms in the agricultural sector. Particular emphasis was placed on the garnered experience in the creation and full support of the farmers’ movement that is becoming the locomotive of the agricultural sector, contributing greatly to the development of the whole economy. The presented information aroused great interest among the participants of the ceremony. Director of the Department of Fisheries of Malaysia, Ismail bin Abu Hassan, shared his opinion: “Especially impressive are the progress and results of the reforms in the country aimed at the development of fish farming, which generates opportunities for the provision of population with fish products, creating new jobs and sustainable use of natural resources. Malaysia has sufficient experience in the field of fisheries development, cultivation of different types of aquaculture, and the application of modern technologies in this field. We are interested in establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with Uzbek colleagues.”

Deputy Director of the Agricultural Development Department of Malaysia, Jabar bin Shaik Mohideen, continued: “The presentation of Uzbekistan was held in a very interesting manner. Indeed, the unique natural and climatic conditions allow your country to cultivate many kinds of agricultural products. As a crops specialist, I attended to the fact that once a grain importer, the republic has turned into its exporter, covering its need first. It is, of course, the result of a comprehensive and well thought-out strategy implemented on the basis of its large-scale transformation”.